"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is
not an act, but a habit." - Aristotle

Chuck Fowler is a storyteller with a passion for film-making and media content creation. The world has changed, and he strives to be at the leading edge of media convergence. Screenwriter, non-linear editor, and creative producer, he seeks to tell stories that enrich life and better our world.


My experience in multimedia production spans years of my life. As a teenager, much of my knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and video editing came from being self-taught. In high school, where I attended Evangelical Christian Academy in Colorado Springs, I also gained experience working on the yearbook staff. I learned Adobe Pagemaker, the principles of page layout, and the basics of photography. My senior year I served as the yearbook editor.

After graduating, I worked for three years as assistant media director for a medium-sized church. During this time I gained experience working in live production environments, supervised a crew of three paid staff members and twenty-five volunteers, and worked as the art director of a magazine with a circulation of over 3,000.

I currently a senior at Oral Roberts University where I am studying Multimedia Production and Theology. For the past two years I have taken on freelance projects on the side, and my clients have included Capps Ministries, Vicki Jamison-Peterson Ministries, Touchdown Counseling, and others. I also served as the project manager for a advertising team who developed a marketing plan for world-champion athlete Peter Nestler’s curriculum Jump Rope Basics. Mr. Nestler chose our marketing plan for implementation.


Creative Development
Video Editing
Graphic Design
DVD Mastering


Script Formatting
Final Cut Studio
Adobe Creative Suite

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