“Dramatic action occurs when worlds collide.  You find conflict there, and transformation.  Exploring that conflict is what makes storytelling powerful and compelling.” – Chuck Fowler

Chuck is a young screenwriter with an ambition for great achievement.  As a film professional, he seeks new challenges to hone and sharpen his craft as a storyteller.

Chuck will work on a variety of projects ranging from film scripts to commercial development to narration.  Versed in standard script formatting styles, Chuck is willing to collaborate on writing projects in various stages of development.  He will also work as a story consultant.  For more information, visit the contact page.

Click here to download a sample of Chuck’s screenwriting.

“Zenya: A Fairy Tale” | Web Series Trailer

This is a trailer for a web series written, produced, and directed by Chuck Fowler. The series will be made available online at the end of April.

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