“Zenya” Casting Call

We are looking for talented actors and actresses for an ambitious short film to be shot in Tulsa during the final two weeks of October. Time commitment will be flexible. No compensation is offered. We will provide a copy of the final film on DVD and as well as footage in a digital format for your acting reel upon completion of post-production.

In order to be considered, submit a head shot and an acting resume via the E-mail address listed with this ad. If you fit the role, we will contact you to schedule an audition.

4 roles: 2 female, 2 male

ZENYA: Early-20s female; a patient in a mental hospital who is convinced that she is an elf maiden.

ALVIN: 20-something male; a nurse in a mental hospital; deeply compassionate, impulsive, and naive.

SALLY: Head nurse at a mental hospital; mother of two; has a major attitude, but is a caring person.

DR. KNIGHT: 40s-50s male; psychiatrist; has a penetrating intellect and a drive for answers; is keeping a secret.

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