“Zenya: A Fairy Tale” – The Complete Series

Alvin (Austin Mace) is a nurse working at Belleview Mental Hospital. When Zenya (Kelsey Carroll), a patient who believes she is an elf, reaches out to Alvin for help, he comes to realize that he has developed feelings for her. Head Nurse Sally (Christie Taylor) becomes concerned about Alvin’s state of mind, and Alvin lands himself in the cross-hairs of Dr. Knight (Alan Fritz), the new hospital administrator.

Episode 1: Not A Fairy At All


Episode 2: Daydreaming


Episode 3: Recognize Your Delusion


Episode 4: No One Else Will Help Me


Episode 5: Not Exactly


Episode 6: We’re Going Now


Episode 7: A Danger To Herself And Others


Zenya: A Fairy Tale, the full-length web serial, is online and will so be available for purchase on DVD.  Subscribe to youtube.com/tangoflix for updates on Zenya as well as future projects.  You can also find out more about Zenya and Tangent Horizons on IMDB, Facebook, and Twitter!

Zenya: A Fairy Tale is a web serial produced by Tangent Horizons. It was written and directed by Chuck Fowler.

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